GingerDX v 010 telah dirilis

on Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Akhirnya setelah hampir meninggalkan X8 si DX kembali mengembangkan ROMnya yaitu GingerDX.
apa saja yang baru di versi 10 ini

* Small part of the sense 3 lockscreen. Watch the clip below.
* AnDyX's AX8MT Multitouch module for Cypress users
* Nice wallpapers from deedii. Thanks!
* Fixed the famous root apps problem!
* Disabled LED succession by default. We fixed LED notification in v008, LED succession is not needed anymore.
* A-Theme Lite 0.5.6
* Basic Timescape support, taken from GingerCruzt R7.3. I made some modifications to make it work on GingerDX. Thanks FrogyFurnetal.
o Widget is not working yet
o I will not include Timescape along with GingerDX, but an instead. I don't want GingerDX to be bloated. Flash it after you flash GingerDX.
* Maps ownhere 5.9

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