Akhirnya GingerDX 008 (CM 7 based) rilis juga :D

on Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011

Setelah saya tunggu-tunggu akhirnya GingerDX versi 008 rilis juga....
Wow ada banyak sekali fitur barunya....

Release history

* August 12 v008. BIG update, with many tweaks, fixes and a feature.
o Nightly CM7 Hero 149 (CM 7.1.0 pre)
o Wifi tweak to prevent reboot with adhoc when screen off
o Corrected LED notification (liblight). Users should turn off LED succession now.
o Use LatinIME from FroyoBread for more input methods
o Added profile icon in Settings menu
o Fixed lib camera service. Goggle works.
o Tweaked low memory killer a bit
o Tweaked autobrightness based on alfsamsung's suggestion
o Enabled CM's "Custom light levels" and "Allow light decrease" by default
o Switched to A-Theme 0.5.4 Lite version. GingerDX was designed to be fast and smooth, but A-Theme (full) slowed it down.
o Tweaked key layout. Hopefully headset and bluetooth headset work.
o Reboot menu for all languages
o Tweaked a little bit Superuser. Need more tests to confirm Root problem solved or not.
o Random Lockscreen
o Fixed white rectangle in Radio app. Thanks czar2x. (For your info, I had to sign it)
o A secret feature. Let's see who uncovers it first


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